January 13, 2016

School ERP


  1. Accessible from anywhere and anytime.

  2. Covers all Processes from student admission to generating their certificate on leaving institute.

  3. Security and data privacy.

  4. Easy time table management.

  5. Individual student performance report.

  6. Easy access to student information current as well as who leaves institute.

  7. News management.

  8. Distribution of assignments online (need to discuss).

  9. Manage your entire transportation operation.

  10. Record and organize all employee details.

  11. Display your school events on calendar.

  12. Messaging system for communication between student, teacher and parents.

  13. Classes and divisions management.

  14. Conducting student’s exam online (need to discuss).

  15. Provide student ID card generation facility.

  16. Student’s caste wise report.

  17. Daily birthdays of students and faculties will display on home page.

  18. User friendly Interfaces.